What I’m Buying September 24-28

Home Depot $HD has been one of the strongest stocks year after year for decades. This high dividend yield stock is vital to any portfolio, and it has fallen to a good price to buy. Look to add Home Depot to your portfolio anywhere below the $210 mark and hold for the long run!

Honda Motor Corp. $HMC is on its way up. The auto industry has been faltering due to tariffs, but the comeback has begun and it is being led by Honda and Ford $F. We like Honda below $30 for growth and Ford below $9.75 for the 5% dividend.

Salesforce $CRM has had an amazing year! This cloud king has recorded incredible growth over the past 5 years and is nowhere close to being finished. We like this stock anywhere below $155 for the foreseeable future.

Our ETF of the week, $MJ, comes from the cannabis sector. Made up of powerhouses such as Canopy Growth $CGC, Aurora $ACBFF, and red-hot Tilaray this ETF looks special heading into the month of October which features the legalization of marijuana in Canada.

Quick Picks

$NVAX – with multiple trials looming we like this Biotech pick

$MARA – buy low and wait for a pop

$BILI – buy low, average down, and wait for trade disputes to end

For more info on educating yourself on investing check out these books and videos found under the resources tab! —->  https://whatimbuying.wordpress.com/resources/


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