What I’M Buying September 9-14

After a rough week in the market this week we see a lot of fresh buying opportunities especially in the tech and oil sectors.

Halliburton $HAL is down well below its 52 week low and looks to be a steal in the $36 range. With an above average dividend this stock has potential to payoff well if you are willing to be patient.

Lululemon $LULU also has fallen to a good buy price this week. $LULU has had stellar growth the past year and we think it could continue to rise especially at the reigns of new CEO Calvin Macdonald.

Micron $MU is our pick out of the tech sector. A riskier play in the low 40’s with potential to break out after earnings Sept. 20. Price targets have been lowered to $75 this week which is still an incredible gain around 80% increase! Higher volatility, but we think it is well worth the risk as this stock has delivered time after time.

Comcast $CMCSA is a fantastic pick for growth the rest of the year. Going after Sky and changing up their tactics this fairly high dividend television company has a bright future ahead. Look to buy below $36 if possible.

Risky Picks for the Week: 2 stocks out of the Chinese tech sector $BILI and $VIPS both with high potential upsides. Look to average down until they pop as the volatility of these two is very high.

Finally this weeks mutual fund comes from Vanguard again $VTI. This mutual fund mirrors the total stock market and comes in at a good price this week with the DOW, NASDAQ, and NYSE all down in September.

Thank you and have a great week of trading. Feel free to drop questions or comments below and subscribe to hear What I’m Buying next week! #WIB

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